WELL3 Announces $WELL Token Listing On Bybit, Bitget And Gate.io

2 Jul 2024

[July 03, 2024] – WELL3, the biggest Web3 wellness platform transforming personal health data management, announced today the listing of its native $WELL token on Bybit, Bitget and Gate.io, three world's leading exchanges. The $WELL token will be available for trading on July 3, 10:00 AM UTC. Token contract address is as follows: 0x63696Fc66795B51d02c1590b536484A41fbDDF9a. Upon listing, several token related campaigns and competitions will be rolled out.

The token distribution of the $WELL token is as follows:

  • Max supply: 42,000,000,000
  • 71% of tokens to community initiatives
  • Lock up: The unlock schedule is spread across different timeframes to align long-term interests and promote stability. $WELL will unlock over the course of 24 months per the Token Release Schedule.

This exclusive opportunity is a testament to WELL3's commitment to rewarding its early adopters across diverse exchange platforms. The $WELL token serves as the primary means of value exchange within the WELL3 ecosystem, facilitating transactions, rewarding user engagement, and incentivizing the contribution of health data and services. By securing $WELL tokens, users gain access to the platform's suite of decentralized applications and can actively shape the future of the WELL3 network.

The $WELL Token

The $WELL token is the utility and governance token powering the WELL3 ecosystem. Key functions of the $WELL token include:

  • Powering the WELL3 DePIN Ecosystem: $WELL tokens are used to reward users for securely sharing health data and participating in activity-based incentives.
  • Enabling Multichain Transactions: The WELL3 ecosystem is committed to creating a seamless and efficient transactional experience by leveraging a multichain architecture.
  • Rewarding Wearables for Enhanced Wellness: Users can earn $WELL tokens through active participation and consenting to share their anonymized health data by engaging with WELL3's innovative line of wearable devices.
  • Facilitating Decentralized Identity Services: $WELL tokens enable WELL ID, the decentralized-ID creation and management within the ecosystem.
  • Serving as the Platform's Native Currency: $WELL tokens can be used for service purchases across the expanding WELL3 ecosystem.

WELL3: Revolutionizing Personal Health Data Management

The WELL3 ecosystem has already gained significant traction, showcasing the immense potential of its WELL ID system and the $WELL token in leading a transformative approach in health data management under the DePIN framework.

  • Overwhelming User Engagement: After the announcement of the launch of WELL3 Ring – a pioneering wearable that converts personal wellness metrics into on-chain data, over 920,000 users have signed up for the WELL ID and its corresponding NFT Ring whitelist within the WELL3 ecosystem.

  • Data decentralization: Health data is securely processed within the DePIN system. This process within Trusted Executive Environments (TEE) powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensures user data remains private and secured.

  • Complete Ownership over Personal Data: By leveraging WELL3's DePIN and DID technologies, users not only have complete ownership over their personal information and data, but are also safeguarded against unauthorized access, data breaches, and frauds.

  • Multichain: WELL3’s multichain framework spans multiple blockchain platforms including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Blast, and TON. This broad horizontal coverage allows WELL3 to leverage the strengths of various networks, ensuring that users can interact with the WELL3 ecosystem across multiple platforms without barriers, facilitating a seamless and integrated user experience.

  • Interoperability Across Ecosystems: Designed to seamlessly integrate across various platforms and services, WELL ID eliminates the hassle of multiple passwords and redundant verification processes.

WELL3 is a pioneering force reshaping health and wellness through the power of decentralized innovation. By seamlessly integrating DePIN, DID, and advanced AI, WELL3 empowers over 1 million eager users to take control of their wellness journeys. With the $WELL token at the heart of this ecosystem, WELL3 is redefining data ownership and personalized health solutions, paving the way towards a future where wellness in the digital age is transformed.

About WELL3:

WELL3 is the leading Web3 Wellness Platform that revolutionizes health data management by transforming it into valuable rewards. By harnessing our advanced Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) and Decentralized Identity (DID), along with sophisticated AI analytics, we engage users with unique surprise airdrops and rewards. With over one million users onboarded, WELL3 is committed to broadening the ecosystem and enhancing the value of WELL3 ID owners' assets.

Supported by esteemed investors such as Animoca Brands, Newman Group, The Spartan Group, Fenbushi Capital, Soul Capital, and more, WELL3 is determined to lead the way in the blockchain transformation of the wellness industry, setting new standards for how health data can empower individuals and ensuring greater accessibility and enhanced features for all users. For more information about WELL3 and the $WELL token, please visit: https://well3.com; well.eco

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