Web Devs, Bookmark These 19 Frontend Resources 🎨✨

11 Jul 2024

Finding useful web development resources can be overwhelming for both beginners and experienced developers. With so many websites and web applications available, it can be challenging to identify the best ones.

I decided to curate some of my favorite front-end resources for colors and palettes, fonts, icons, illustrations, stock photos, and videos to help web developers improve their resource stack and save time on projects.

I hope these resources will help you stay informed, improve your productivity, and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of web development.

Each resource will include a direct link, a description, and an image preview.

1. ThemeSelection (Sponsored)

ThemeSelection offers a curated collection of high-quality, customizable themes and admin dashboard templates, perfect for creating stunning, responsive websites.

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ThemeSelection website

🔵 Sneat Free Bootstrap Admin Template

This free Bootstrap admin template offers a sleek and modern design, packed with customizable components to streamline your workflow. With over 900 stars on Github, Sneat is one of the most used bootstrap dashboards.

Ideal for creating dynamic and responsive Bootstrap dashboard templates, Sneat is your go-to Bootstrap admin template for a polished user experience.

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Sneat Free Bootstrap Admin Template

⚫ Materio Free MUI NextJS Admin Template

This free NextJS dashboard template combines the robustness of MUI with the efficiency of NextJS, providing powerful features for the admin template. The only Open Source NextJS 14-based admin template with App router support.

Perfect for developers seeking a cutting-edge NextJS admin dashboard template to enhance their productivity. It has over 1.4k stars on GitHub.

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Materio Free MUI NextJS Admin Template

🟢 Materio Free Vuetify VueJS Admin Template

This free Vue admin template offers comprehensive tools and features, making it an excellent choice for creating an intuitive Vue admin panel.

With its sleek design and rich functionality, this free VueJS admin dashboard is the perfect Vuejs admin template for your next project.

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Materio Free Vuetify VueJS Admin Template

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Colors & palettes

2. Culrs

Culrs is a color palette generator that provides curated color palettes for designers and developers.

It helps in creating visually appealing web designs by offering a variety of color combinations that can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of web projects.


3. ShadowLord

ShadowLord is a tool for generating CSS box-shadow effects. It allows developers to easily create complex shadow effects with customizable options, saving time and effort in designing shadows manually.

This improves the visual depth and professionalism of web designs.


4. ShaderGradient

ShaderGradient is a gradient generator that uses shaders to create dynamic and visually stunning gradients.

This tool can be used to produce unique background effects, enhancing the overall user experience of web interfaces with eye-catching designs.


5. Color Wheel

The Canva Color Wheel is an interactive tool for selecting color schemes.

It helps developers and designers find the perfect color combinations based on color theory principles, ensuring harmony and balance in web designs, thus boosting the visual consistency of projects.

Color Wheel

6. Spectrum

Spectrum provides a comprehensive range of color spectrums and palettes.

It assists developers in choosing precise color shades for their projects, ensuring that the chosen colors work well together to create a cohesive and appealing visual experience.


Fonts & pairings

7. Google Fonts

Google Fonts offers a comprehensive library of free, open-source fonts.

It enables developers to enhance their web projects with a wide variety of typographic styles, ensuring better readability and aesthetic appeal.

Google Fonts

8. Free Faces

Free Faces is a curated collection of free-to-use typefaces.

This tool helps developers and designers find unique and professional fonts without licensing concerns, enhancing the visual impact of their work.

Free Faces

9. Fontjoy

Fontjoy uses machine learning to generate font pairings.

It helps developers and designers find harmonious font combinations, saving time and effort in selecting complementary typefaces.



10. Feather Icons

Feather Icons is a collection of simple and elegant open-source icons.

These icons can be easily customized and integrated into web projects, enhancing the visual elements and user interface.

Feather Icons

11. Google Icons

Google Icons offers a vast library of icons that are easy to integrate into web projects.

The tool improves the visual clarity and usability of web interfaces.

Google Icons

12. Iconic

Iconic allows developers to organize, customize, and integrate icons into their projects seamlessly.

This tool helps streamline the design process, ensuring that icons are consistent and effectively enhance the user experience.



13. Undraw

Undraw offers a collection of customizable illustrations that can be used for websites and apps.

These illustrations can be easily integrated into projects to enhance visual storytelling and improve user engagement with appealing graphics.


14. Absurd Design

Absurd Design provides a library of hand-drawn illustrations that add a unique and quirky touch to web projects.

These illustrations can be used to create a distinctive visual identity, making websites stand out with their unconventional style.

Absurd Design

15. Patternkid

Patternkid is a tool for generating unique, kid-friendly patterns.

These patterns can be used as backgrounds or decorative elements in web designs, particularly for child-focused websites, adding a playful and engaging visual element.


16. Error 404

Error 404 Fun offers creative and humorous illustrations specifically designed for 404 error pages.

By using these illustrations, developers can turn an otherwise frustrating user experience into a delightful one, maintaining user engagement even when a page is not found.

Error 404

Stock photos & videos

17. Unsplash

Unsplash is a website offering a large collection of high-resolution, royalty-free photos.

Web developers can use these images to enhance the visual appeal of their websites, adding high-quality visuals without worrying about copyright issues.


18. Pexels

Pexels provides free stock photos and videos that can be used for personal and commercial projects.

It helps developers find high-quality visuals quickly, improving the overall look of web projects and saving time on sourcing images.


19. Pixabay

Pixabay offers a vast library of free images, videos, and music.

It’s a valuable resource for developers needing multimedia content for their websites, ensuring visually rich and engaging web designs without the hassle of licensing concerns.


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