Parallel TCG Releases On Epic Games Store

13 Jun 2024

**TORONTO, Canada, April 22nd, 2024/GamingWire/--**Parallel Studio, the visionary gaming studio that blends art and technology to create cutting-edge gaming experiences, is excited to launch its award winning trading card game on the Epic Games Store. With a team hailing from the likes of Blizzard, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Riot Games, and Xbox Game Studios, Parallel is on course to make waves in the card gaming world.

Parallel is a free-to-play digital trading card game set in a captivating sci-fi universe, where five parallel evolutions of humanity battle for control of Earth 10,000 years in the future. Players collect cards, build 40-card decks combining cards from one of the five factions and the Universal pool, and engage in strategic battles against their peers.

There are several points that separate Parallel from other TCGs in the space (ex. Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, etc).

  1. Free to Play: players can play and earn cards with no purchase necessary. On top of that, Parallel compensates players that play for free by automatically entering them into weekly and monthly giveaways every season. This is on top of rewards players can get through in-game tournaments, battle pass, referring friends and winning ranked matches.
  2. Bank Cards for Energy: players strategically choose which cards to bank each turn, gaining energy that allows them to play units, relics, effects and upgrades. Players will find that choosing what card to bank and what card to play is critical, as the right combination can create a powerful winning strategy.
  3. Paragons & Factions: Parallel has 5 unique factions with 15 game changing leaders (Paragons) each with their own active/passive abilities helping players craft a unique play style.
  4. Play At Your Pace: Parallel has different game modes for all types of players. Beginners and casual players can enjoy modes like unranked, AI and rookie. Competitive players can participate in the Ranked Ladder and Tournament Modes to earn exclusive rewards and prizes.

Parallel is truly built for TCG veterans and new players to the genre. Founded in 2021, Parallel has already seen quite a bit of success. Despite its TCG being in open beta, the game has already won several game of the year awards. The studio has also announced a prize pool of $500,000 for its 2024 competitive scene.

Along with that, several professional players and prominent creators that played Hearthstone have joined Parallel’s ambassador program, priming the game to be the next big TCG. Finally, the studio recently released an expansion set called "Planetfall" that is currently playable. The expansion set added over 100 new cards to the game and the studio plans to launch more expansion sets in the future.

Quotes From Parallel

"Our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, and being on Epic marks a significant milestone in our global expansion strategy," says Sascha M, CEO & Co-Founder of Parallel.

“Parallel going live on Epic opens us up to millions more players worldwide. This expansion into Epic comes alongside the kickoff of our global competitive series, the Parallel League, which has over $500,000 in prizes in its first year. But we don't plan to stop there. As we roll out more ways to access and play Parallel we also plan to scale our competitive prize pool into millions of dollars next year.” - Franklin Fitch, Head of Partnerships, Parallel Studios

About Parallel Studios

Parallel Studios is a revolutionary game development company creating the next AAA sci-fi franchise. Current projects include the Parallel TCG, an exciting science fiction card game in which five factions battle for supremacy over a future Earth, and Parallel Colony, an AI-powered idle game in which you play through conversation with your Avatar. Parallel aims to continue breaking new ground and bringing amazing experiences to this new IP.


Head of Growth

Swish Goswami

Parallel Studios


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