Meet the HackerNoon Reader

20 May 2024

When marketers reach out to HackerNoon for business inquiries, guess what's the most frequently asked question from them?

You've guessed it right - It's 'Who reads HackerNoon?'

This might sound a bit cliche butunderstanding and finding the target audiencehave always been a headache for marketers.

We’re here with answers today.

Our team has designedthis brand new readers demographics page with all the details you would want.

The Geolocation

HackerNoon’s readership (4 million MONTHLY) comes from THE Silicon Valley and all the other little Silicon Valleys located across the world.

🇺🇸 More than 40% of our readership is from the US,

🌍 30% from the Northern and Western part of Europe, primarily the UK, Germany, and France,

🌏 while the remaining 30% is from Asia, primarily India, followed by China, Japan, the Middle East, and the Far East.

Here are the Top 10 Geographies reading HackerNoon monthly ⬇️⬇️⬇️

What Do Our Readers Do For a Living?

Your favorite piece of info - We’re a community with ~ 4M monthly readership of advanced technologists.

From core programmers to enthusiasts on the frontiers of the latest tech developments such ascryptoblockchainAI, and ML to becoming better managers and decision makers with enhanced productivity, HackerNoon has its fangs in (pun intended) each of the FAANG and has over 50,000 contributors who’ve helped build a reading library that is over 200 years in reading time for millions of readers.

Here are the Job Titles of people reading HackerNoon:

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