HIX EssayGPT Review: A Top-Notch All-in-one AI Essay Writing Copilot

12 Jun 2024

HIX EssayGPT is a comprehensive AI essay writing copilot that revolutionizes the essay writing process through its suite of easy-to-use tools.

In today's academic landscape, where workloads are increasing, the need for writing assistance has become crucial. Unlike previous AI essay tools, HIX EssayGPT offers a holistic solution that caters to various aspects of essay writing.

Let's explore HIX EssayGPT's impressive capabilities and how it enhances the essay writing experience.

What Is HIX EssayGPT?

HIX EssayGPT developed by HIX.AI, aims to simplify the entire essay writing process as an all-in-one essay writing assistant, guiding users from beginning to end.

It includes a Generator for creating outlines or drafts, a Writer workspace for editing, research, citation insertion, plagiarism checks, and formatting, and ScholarChat, a research chatbot with access to 200M+ scholarly resources and science-based answers for essay creation with correct citations.

HIX EssayGPT streamlines essay writing tasks by combining these functions into one AI system, providing users with an efficient platform to craft, edit, and improve their essays conveniently.

HIX EssayGPT's Tools and Capabilities

HIX EssayGPT provides three main tools: Generator, Writer, and ScholarChat. Each tool serves a specific purpose and contributes to the overall effectiveness of the platform.

Generator: AI essay generator for creating high-quality, plagiarism-free essays

HIX EssayGPT's Generator allows users to effortlessly create high-quality essays without the worry of plagiarism. Users can input the desired essay topic and any specific keywords or details.

The Generator then utilizes its vast knowledge base and advanced natural language processing techniques to generate a well-structured and comprehensive final draft.

Generate and refine essays on various topics

Generator allows you to effortlessly generate essays on a wide range of topics. Whether you're writing an essay for an academic assignment, a research paper, or a personal project, HIX EssayGPT provides you with the tools to create well-structured and informative content.

Plagiarism-free essay writing

HIX EssayGPT guarantees the production of plagiarism-free essays. The AI algorithms and extensive training behind HIX EssayGPT ensure that the generated content is original and unique. This gives students, academics, and professionals confidence in submitting their work without the risk of being flagged for academic dishonesty.

Multilingual capabilities

With HIX EssayGPT, users have the ability to generate and write essays in over 50 languages. This feature is particularly beneficial for students, academics, and professionals who are non-native English speakers or who are required to write in languages other than English. HIX EssayGPT's multilingual capabilities make it accessible to a diverse range of users.

Undetectable mode

Generator excels in infusing AI-generated text with a human touch, ensuring that the AI content flows naturally and cohesively. This humanization process elevates the essay's quality, blurring the line between machine-generated and human-written text and helping you bypass AI detectors like GPTZero and Turnitin.

Writer: Workspace for writing and editing essays

HIX EssayGPT's Writer offers users a complete suite of AI-driven tools for polishing and improving their writing. These advanced functions allow users to effortlessly enhance the quality of their essays. Included in the workspace are the following features:

Access an extensive database for research

Research is a crucial aspect of essay writing, and HIX EssayGPT understands the importance of accessing credible sources. With its extensive database of academic resources, you can easily find relevant publications, scientific studies, and articles to support your arguments and provide evidence for your essay.

In-text citations made easy

Properly citing your sources is essential for academic integrity. HIX EssayGPT simplifies the process by automatically generating accurate in-text citations in popular citation styles such as APA, MLA, or Chicago. This feature saves you time and ensures that your essay meets the required citation guidelines.

AI auto-complete for when you're stuck

Writer's block can be a frustrating experience, but HIX EssayGPT's AI auto-complete feature is here to help. It provides tailored suggestions for words, phrases, and sentences that seamlessly fit into the context of your writing. This feature boosts your creativity and helps you overcome writer's block.

Grammar check for polished submissions

Submitting a well-written essay is crucial for academic success. HIX EssayGPT's grammar check feature helps you identify and correct grammar, punctuation, stylistic, and spelling mistakes. By ensuring your essay is error-free, you can present a polished and professional piece of work.

ScholarChat: AI research assistant chatbot for research support

ScholarChat is an invaluable research chatbot that empowers users to ask research questions and receive science-based answers backed by credible research.

With access to an extensive database of over 200 million papers, ScholarChat enhances the research process by providing users with accurate and reliable information to strengthen their arguments.

Whether seeking evidence or clarifying complex concepts, ScholarChat equips users with the knowledge needed to produce well-informed and compelling essays with precise citations.

Who Can Benefit from HIX EssayGPT?


Students can benefit from HIX EssayGPT by saving time and effort in generating essay drafts, allowing them to manage their busy schedules more efficiently.

The automatic addition of citations and bibliographies in essays and scholarly papers simplifies the writing process and ensures adherence to proper citation practices.

Furthermore, access to 24/7 research help from ScholarChat provides students with support on complex topics.


Educators can utilize HIX EssayGPT as an always-on research assistant, such as ScholarChat, to advise students globally. It allows them to create sample essays for teaching purposes or classroom discussions. HIX EssayGPT's tools can assist educators in providing valuable guidance and resources to their students.


HIX EssayGPT's Writer tool enables academics to effectively create top-notch materials like journal articles and literature reviews. By assisting in locating and integrating appropriate citations seamlessly, the platform guarantees the precision and scholarly integrity of its output.


Researchers can benefit from HIX EssayGPT by accessing decades of studies through ScholarChat. It provides fresh perspectives to aid in exploring new research directions and offers valuable support in conducting in-depth research.


HIX EssayGPT is a powerful AI essay writing assistant that offers a range of features to enhance your essay writing process. From generating and refining essays to conducting research, citation support, grammar checking, and more, HIX EssayGPT is a versatile tool for students, researchers, and professional writers.

Its advanced AI chatbot, ScholarChat, provides additional assistance and ensures that you have the necessary resources to create high-quality essays. Start using HIX EssayGPT today and revolutionize your essay writing experience.