Generative AI : Hype, Hype, Hype, What's Next?

9 Jul 2024

Businesses and users are going to use technology only if they can trust it,”Satya Nadella

If water is life, what about data in tech? It’s the oil, the diamond, the precious asset we all need.

With data, everything we do in tech is meaningful! Without data, there will be no black hat hackers seeking information to steal online and offline!

With an abundance of generative AI tools, the hype is still present, some people claim writers, graphic designers, and developers, will be replaced in the coming years.

Every day new tools come into the market and the hype continues, what’s next?

The generative AI dilemma, hype vs trust

The HypeWhat if the hype stops tomorrow? As soon as people use generative AI tools, trust will become a great concern!

The way some tools have been marketed in the industry is not what people expect to achieve their tasks in their daily routines.

Everything is hackable! some studies have shown how chatGPT could be tricked by leaking data and a paper explains how an adversary could extract gigabytes of data from open source models and closed models like ChatGPT.

The worry is no matter the compliance we have it’s not guaranteed users will be protected at 100 %, some of the well-known in the industry are HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR

compliance is a great way to prove that companies care about privacy and respect a set of rules to protect users from data theft, unfortunately, it’s not guaranteed companies will be unhackable.

in the generative AI era, companies should ensure users their data is secure and nobody will steal them easily, this is the way to go beyond the hype.

Cyberattacks can happen every day, the most protected companies will retain customers those with fewer means will lose astronomically, we are at the dawn of massive cyber attacks on generative AI tools, as soon as they can be tricked and with unaware users with less cybersecurity literacy the damage will cost millions!

What’s next after the generative AI  hype?


We need more trust, and users by categories should be educated weekly and monthly on the potential risks they face daily with generative AI tools.

Developers need GDPR-driven services or apis to integrate into their for better security and they should always consider the secure-by-design approach at every step of the Software development lifecycle before shipping their apps, beyond the hype data is the precious asset we all need and we use it to improve lives or create damage!

Privacy should not remain a slogan, by trusting a service we put our lives in the hands of a company in return we need better security by ensuring that our data no matter the day is safe nobody can steal and we will always remain secure.

Imagine losing access to your favorite services online after your sensitive data was stolen online by hackers!

For users who are not technical, they need continuous training, hackers change their techniques daily to perform large attacks and we never know who will be a victim, by changing the behavior of how they use generative AI tools they will improve their security on their side too, companies do their job, they are not responsible for all users behaviors!

Recommendations for trust in the generative AI era

  • Companies should invest in continuous training for developers from a technical and nontechnical side
  • Developers advocates should educate users with less technical skills on how to secure themselves using generative AI tools for better data privacy.
  • Compliance is not enough for data privacy, the secure by design approach should be the way to go before shipping any product.
  • We need a fruitful collaboration between several stakeholders for better data privacy and security.


The Hype will come to an end ,it’s time for more trust,users can’t be believe in the longrun in services they are afraid to use,privacy is precious and data is the fuel that moves the industry.

Trust will be the new fuel,users observe the industry,some lose their data,some escape potential risks of sensitive data theft everyday and they don’t know which services is better than others amid the AI noise.

A new era will come,at the end all we need is data privacy.